Giralda in New Years Eve
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Sevilla, Spain

Giralda in New Years Eve

حمل و نقل و هتل
ساخته شد : جمعه 2 دسامبر 2016 - مبدا : جمعه 30 دسامبر 2016
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346 €
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Walk around the streets of Seville and let yourself be trapped by its spell
درباره شهر
Seville has a special colour, this effervescent city is filled with captivating traditional architecture in colours of lemons, plums and oranges. The River Guadalquivir runs approximately north-south through Seville. Most of the city, including the old quarter of Barrio de Santa Cruz, is on the east bank, while the Barrio de Triana lies on the west bank. At midnight, impromptu singing, clapping and guitar playing fill bars and streets. By day, the diversity of the city’s heritage becomes apparent. The Romans, Moors, Catholic Spaniards, and now, hordes of tourists have all tried to claim Seville as their own. Indeed, Seville has never failed to spark the imagination of newcomers. From the street, the cathedral seems unimpressive; you must go inside to get some sense of its dimensions. Massive pillars support the vaulted roof, and the wealth of treasure is fabulous beyond belief. Another major sight of the city is La Giralda, which was the minaret of the Almohad mosque. From the top, there’s a fantastic view of the city across the barbed spires and buttresses of the roof. La Torre del Oro, a symbol of the city, originally covered in golden tiles, watches over the town as it has always done since 1220. Seville at night is wonderful, everything takes on a mystical air able to hypnotize and if you know how to live it, you will fall under its spell.
ساخته شد : جمعه 2 دسامبر 2016 - مبدا : جمعه 30 دسامبر 2016
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30 دسامبر
حمل و نقل از بارسلونا به سویا
Ryanair Ryanair - FR6396
09:15 - Barcelona, Barcelona El Prat (BCN)
11:00 - Sevilla, Sevilla (SVQ)
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نوع وسیله نقلیه: FR6396
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30 دسامبر
۳ Nights
Hotel San Pablo
در ۶٫۳ کیلومتر از مرکز No meals Avenida de la Innovación 10, Seville, Andalusia 41020 DOUBLE STANDARD ROOM NR
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30 دسامبر
02 ژانویهٔ
حمل و نقل از سویا به بارسلونا
Ryanair Ryanair - FR6397
06:55 - Sevilla, Sevilla (SVQ)
08:35 - Barcelona, Barcelona El Prat (BCN)
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پرواز : FR6397 انجام شده توسط : FR
نوع وسیله نقلیه: FR6397
کلاس پرواز : Economy
قیمت هر نفر از
346 €
Based on ۲ adults
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